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"Worry is an aspect of parenting, but it shouldn't define parenting." - Kim John Payne

Meet Our Educators

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Briana Bennitt, Simplicity Parenting Coach and STARS Trainer

An experienced co-parent and mentor, Briana was thrilled to see the emergence of the Simplicity Parenting movement and to participate in the pilot training program for SP coaches with Kim John Payne and Davina Muse in 2010. Briana holds a bachelor's degree in English Literature, and her past work experience has included human resources, small business management, non-profit governance, independent school administration, driver training, and licensed child care center management. She is a seventeen year Waldorf (P/K-12) veteran, with six children who are now ages eight to twenty years old, attending Bellevue Montessori, Sammamish High School, and Whitman College. Briana is certified with the WA Department of Early Learning as a state-approved trainer for STARS courses and supports a wide variety of teaching styles and family structures as all co-create shared community, collaborative parenting, respect for diversity of belief, mindfulness to children's ages and stages, and peaceful home life. Briana also serves as a validator with the Early Learning Leaders National Accreditation Commission.

"A sense of worthiness is a child's most important need. The American self-made-man ethic says that we are what we make of ourselves. This is an improvement over Old World class systems that said you could never rise any higher than your father. But the implicit converse – that you are nobody until you prove yourself to be somebody – is troublesome. The suggestion is that self-worth depends on external measurements such as money, power, and popularity. Children's worthiness is often mistakenly measured by compliance or achievement."
- Polly Berrien Berends

Robyn Michelle Hartman, Parent-Tot Playgroups Co-Teacher

Robyn has experience as a preschool teacher at Morning School Preschool, Woodinville; as a substitute early childhood assistant at Three Cedars Waldorf School, Bellevue; and in Waldorf school administration, including events management, front desk reception, and office coordination. Her other talents and experience include communications, volunteer coordination, crochet, and bookkeeping. Robyn is parent to two daughters who have attended Three Cedars Waldorf School and Seattle Waldorf High School from preschool through 10th grade. She was thrilled to attend a Simplicity Parenting study group several years after attending a lecture by author, Kim John Payne. She has continued in her passion for supporting parents and families with her work as a Parent-Tot Co-Teacher, a regular volunteer at Crafting Teas, and generally extraordinary non-profit administrator at Simplicity Learning.

"With simplification we can bring an infusion of inspiration to our daily lives; set a tone that honors our families' needs before the world's demands. Allow our hopes for our children to outweigh our fears. Realign our lives with our dreams for our family, and our hopes for what childhood could and should be." - Kim John Payne, Simplicity Parenting

Jackie Ralston, Simplicity Parenting Coach and Parent-Tot Co-Teacher

Jackie has co-parented many children in her extended community for over 25 years and completed her Waldorf foundation year with Bill Bryant in 1992. Jackie has been perfecting her craft of raising up healthy children and supporting joyful family life over the years as a parent, preschool teacher, nanny, after school care teacher, parent-tot co-teacher, and parenting study group leader. In addition to her work with Simplicity Learning, Jackie is a licensed child care provider and private nanny. She has two daughters, one who graduated from Seattle Waldorf High School and attends Western Washington University, and one who attended Three Cedars Waldorf School K-7 and now attends St Louise Parish School. Jackie possesses deep insights into family dynamics, communication styles, child development, and so many important forms of nurturing and support that parents need, but sometimes don't receive. She has enjoyed a myriad of trainings and lectures by Kim John Payne including Social Inclusion and Simplicity Parenting. Jackie was thrilled to find the ways in which Kim John Payne has pulled together all that is most useful and needed by parents and to attend the Simplicity Parenting Coaches training in 2012. She is now very excited to be integrating this work at Simplicity Learning.

"The afflictions which come to humanity sometimes tend to center the consciousness upon the limitations. This is a veritable prison. Release comes by making of the will a door through which the confirmations of the spirit come. They come to a man or woman who accepts his life with Radiant Acquiescence."
- 'ABDU'LBAHÁ, Divine Philosophy

Kristina Schoorl, Parent-Tot Playgroups Co-Teacher

Kristina was raised in Slovakia and lived there until she was thirteen years old. She lived briefly in Austria, and then her family moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. She lived there through her university studies and obtained a bachelor of business administration from Simon Fraser University, later qualifying for her CPA. Kristina has lived in Bellevue and then Redmond since 2004 and this is where she became a parent! Kristina completed a Simplicity Parenting Study Group in 2014 and attended Simplicity Learning Parent-Tot with her son from 2014 through 2015. Her son has attended Forget Me Not Preschool and is now in kindergarten at Three Cedars Waldorf School. An avid naturalist, Kristina is dedicated to daily time outdoors, organic whole foods, gardening and hiking. In these first four years of parenting, she has learned that "What is most important for our children is not what they have, what we buy them, what school they go to etc. but actually who we are." Kristina recommends a three month on-line course called Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids (based on the book by Dr. Laura Markham), as it has given her "the piece of the puzzle that I was missing to respond appropriately to my spirited child's difficult emotions."

"The unexpected is bound to happen, the expected may never come." -Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Simplicity Learning offers morning Parent-Tot Playgroups, Simplicity Parenting Groups, and Parent Coaching, and various evening and weekend presentations and workshops for parents and teachers. Please inquire if you are interested in joining us for an upcoming event or would like to learn more about hosting a custom-designed offering at your own location.

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