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Child in Charge? When Parents and Teachers don’t know What to do

Online registration will not available for this training in Bellevue until the next date has been scheduled. Please contact us at with any questions you have about specific workshops, including requests to host trainings at your center or school.

Since the 1960s and 1970s, many families and teachers have been observing an inversion in adult-child dynamics. Children may be labeled defiant or disobedient, bossy or spoiled, while parents and teachers don’t seem to be standing clearly in their role as the caring authority and provider. This workshop looks at the late 20th and early 21st centuries in terms of “how we got here” and explores current research in the disciplines on attachment-based development and interpersonal neurobiology. Using examples from every day life we will discover the ways in which children who are acting out give clues about their insecurities, unmet needs, and stuck-ness in anger. Caregivers in any setting can be good detectives about what is behind a child’s challenging behaviors and this helps to answer the most important questions, including, "What does the child truly need?" With better information, every adult can reclaim their role as the warm, firm, calm, and connected provider for the needs of the child. In turn, the child can relax into authentic adult authority.