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Communication: Styles-Techniques-Attitudes

Two-Part Evening Workshops for Parents, Caregivers, Teachers, Administrators, Owners, and Directors

Online registration will not available for this training in Bellevue until the next date has been scheduled. Please contact us at with any questions you have about specific workshops, including requests to host trainings at your center or school.

This interactive workshop – split into two evenings -- uses examples from everyday life to help each of us brush up on our communication skills and attitudes. We will consider dynamics involving children and students, between co-parents, how communication connects (and disconnects) parents and teachers, and how we can be more effective communicating with professional colleagues. Many adults recognize the existence of biases and barriers, but do not see the most common communication pitfalls and misunderstandings that they are experiencing related to learning styles; socioeconomic, cultural, linguistic and ethnic values; special needs; or even gender and family structure. There are many cultural pressures to rush through interactions in agitation and distraction, but there are also some simple and doable techniques for slowing down, holding questions openly, modeling appropriate verbal skills, harnessing the power of nonverbal communication, and truly listening. Participants will learn techniques for recognizing differences in communication styles and best practices for collaborative conversations that uphold the teacher as an expert in children’s ages and stages and the parent as the expert on "this" particular child. Caregivers can understand many different ways to deal most effectively with difficulties — speaking our piece of the truth without unintentionally escalating conflicts. This is a two-part series; registration is for both evenings.