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Family Engagement:
Cultivating Parent-Teacher Collaboration

2 Hour Workshop for Caregivers, Teachers, Administrators, Owners, and Directors

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

2 MERIT STARS CEUs available
(WA Dep Early Learning, MERIT)

Different cultures hold different values and concepts about child development, parenting, family life and school, including the parent-teacher and family-school relationship. Many child care providers today find themselves challenged by a wide range of family cultures and can benefit from specific coaching to connect with and engage their families proactively and positively. Certain approaches may be the norm in one culture and taboo in another, so that communication between professional child care providers and families is crucial for each child's ease and well-being at school. How can we engage families and foster collaboration? How can we build relationship and convey the information that parents need most? Our conversation will cover positive communication and relationship with families; how we can most effectively gather the information we need the most from co-parents; how we can most effectively share knowledge of general child development, curriculum, individual child progress and developmental growth; and useful ideas for collecting cultural and family beliefs about child-rearing. We will also share tips for active collaboration with our program's families.