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Trainings About Challenging Behaviors and "Discipline"

Half-Day Workshops for Parents, Caregivers, Teachers, Administrators, Owners, and Directors

Interactions Part 3: Maestros of Redirection

Saturday, October 21, 2017
10:00 am to 1:00 pm

3 MERIT STARS CEUs available
(WA Dep Early Learning, MERIT)

In this third workshop of our "Interactions" series, we look with a technical eye at the mechanics of "redirecdtion." Using examples from everyday life, we’ll pay special attention to timing for redirection (before or after a situation has escalated) and techniques to ensure that we are not putting the child into "fight or flight" as we step in. Redirection is most effective when it re-orients the child to expectations and rules, reinforcing what is known rather than startling or confusing the child. When done effectively, redirection literally retrains thoughts, feelings, and muscle memory. Simples templates for redirection, used consistently by all staff and parents, can ensure predictability, consistency, safety, and rapport. Caregivers in any setting can be good detectives about what is behind a child’s behavior and answer the most important questions, including, "what does the child truly need?" (Interactions 1 and 2 are suggested as prerequisites for this training.)

These workshops aren't currently scheduled.

Interactions Part 1: Deconstructing "Discipline"

This interactive workshop uses examples from everyday life to help each of us determine the difference between a child being "unwilling" or "unable," to consider the effects of stress on each child, and to pause before helping a struggling child re-connect and re-orient. We will consider recent historical changes in parenting and teaching, "how we got here" with children in charge at home, parents and teachers using rewards and punishments, and so many adults and children feeling so frustrated throughout each day. Many adults feel that something is not right with their reactions and "discipline" responses, yet we aren’t always sure what to do instead. There are several small, doable changes that we can make in approaching children’s behavior that can help us to stay warm, calm, and firm while looking past our own triggers to what the child truly needs. All of us can become more skilled and confident in our approach to "discipline," so that children may relax into the safety and security of authentic adult authority.

Interactions Part 2: Positive Guidance Beyond "Good Job"

This interactive workshop continues our study of children’s behaviors, acting out, and seeking adult connection and approval. Using examples from everyday life, we will study our own tendencies towards using rewards and bribes (still promoted by so many parenting self-help books and "behavior mod" teacher training programs!) and the effects of encouragement, confirmation, and appreciation versus praise, expressions of personal preferences, and bribes. We will consider the origins of behavior modification practices and what is known through scientific research about children’s natural impulses to love and be loved by adults, our neural wiring to caretake and be provided for, and the negative effects of adult responses that damage trust and connection. There are many small, doable changes that we can make in our responses to children’s challenges and successes that will reinforce connection, calm, appropriate experiences of sadness, and recovery from upset. Caregivers can model positivity and emotional self-regulation without reinforcing "praise junkie" training and even without the use of gold stars…. (Interactions 1 is suggested as a prerequisite, but is not required, for this training.)

Online registration will not available for this training in Bellevue until the next date has been scheduled. Please contact us at with any questions you have about specific workshops, including requests to host trainings at your center or school.