Mission Statement

Simplicity Learning provides child development education for parents, teachers, and care providers.

Vision Statement

Simplicity Learning envisions a world where childhood is protected and caregivers feel supported and successful.

Values Statements

In the past, children were raised in an extended, multigenerational community of co-parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, elders, friends, and other caring adults. Parents were supported by all of these other adults in their community and children moved between these other adults‘ supervision -- indoors and outdoors -- throughout their days.

These days parents, teachers, and other care providers often feel alone and unsupported in their work. The “nuclear” family has replaced community and many children have few daily opportunities to play freely outdoors.

At Simplicity Learning, we assist our clients in consciously creating modern-day solutions to this loss of the traditional co-parenting village. We provide resources for adults to ask their most important questions about parenting and teaching and working with children.

Our work is done solely by volunteers. Each member of our organization chooses the schedule and tasks that are most fulfilling and within their skill set. Our Board of Directors are unpaid; they generously donate their expertise in non-profit and educational institution governance.

Every person who comes to work in support of our organization does so because they believe in our mission and values. Those who come looking for connection and support find a welcoming space for seeking answers to this meta question: “What does the child need?”

We are Research-Based and Developmentally Appropriate

We believe in protecting childhood and adult-child attachment. We help parents, teachers, and caregivers become more informed about what children need based on research in emerging fields such as interpersonal neurobiology, epi-genetics, resiliency, ACES, brain states, and attachment-based development. Some of our favorite resources include Becky Bailey, Susan Kaiser Greenland, Lynn Lott, Gabor Maté, Lucy Jane Miller, Jane Nelsen, Gordon Neufeld, Kim John Payne, and Dan Siegel.

Our volunteers are passionate about continuing education. By continually deepening our own understanding of child development we confidently meet the needs of our clients.

We are Intentional and Mindful

We are committed to helping create homes and learning environments that are thoughtful and developmentally-appropriate to optimize receptivity, learning and exploration, and healthy behaviors. We emphasize the importance of natural light, decluttering, healthy whole foods nutrition, ample time for exercise outdoors, and intentional moments for quiet connection throughout each day.

We believe that time spent in nature as well as rigorous large movement experiences are critical to healthy development. We believe that music, free play, and artistic expression nurture all human beings of all ages.

We encourage the reuse and recycling of materials as often as we can. Our clients and donors have often given us many of our own furnishings, decor, and toys and we are also able to share donations with clients in need. We utilize a local credit union and other local businesses whenever possible.

We are Inclusive

Simplicity Learning is dedicated to including every person, child, family, and care provider who is interested in learning and growing together in the scope of our work.

We do not discriminate based on race, color, national or ethnic origin, class, gender, sexual orientation, family structure, marital status, religion, creed, or the presence of any disability that we can reasonably accommodate in the delivery of our services.

Our financial aid program allows clients to set their monthly budget using a pay-as-you-can model for our services.

We are Simplicity

Our intention in all we do is to model simplicity and sustainability for parents, as well as for children. We do this through encouraging protection of childhood, simple rhythms and rituals, creative free play with open-ended materials, mindfulness in the use of screen media, and schedules that are consistent, predictable and balanced.

Designing transitions that truly work for children and their adults is a particular focus in our work.

Simplifying playthings, clothing, and other visual clutter in environments is often a powerful cure to clutter and overwhelm.

If you have any feedback about our services, volunteers, this website, improvements we can make, information that would be helpful, or any other feedback in general, please contact the Simplicity Educational Services board of trustees at feedback@simplicityeducationalservices.org. Your feedback is important to our board and will not be shared directly with the volunteer you are reviewing. We want to hear from you!

Simplicity Learning
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Simplicity Learning does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, immigration status, class, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, family structure, marital status, religion, creed, or the presence of any disability that we can reasonably accommodate in the delivery of our services.

Privacy policy

Simplicity Learning is a trade name of Simplicity Educational Services, a Washington State Nonprofit corporation and 501(c)(3) public charity.

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