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Traveling Talks

Our parenting coaches and STARS trainer are available to speak on a variety of topics to schools and clubs, religious and spiritual groups, parent groups, teachers, and caring professionals.

For information about presenting workshops, conversations, or other educational events in your community, or to speak with us about creating an event especially for your organization, please contact us via email at

Simplicity Learning acknowledges that all adults come to every discussion with a diversity of beliefs, experiences, learning styles, and personal strengths and weaknesses. Please let us know if there are learning challenges or other considerations that we may address or accommodate together.

  • Bedtime and Sleep
  • Chronic Stress: Filtering Out Adult Topics
  • Communication for Different Ages
  • Discipline that Works
  • Environments and Clutter: reducing Children’s Overwhelm
  • Easing difficult Transitions throughout the Day
  • Emotional Regulation in Children
  • “Holding the No” with Strong Willed Children
  • Increasing Rapport: Rhythm and Ritual
  • Managing Screen Media
  • “Nature Deficit” and Outdoor Learning
  • Scheduling 101: Why are Parents and Children too Busy?
  • Simplicity Parenting: Helping parents help their Children
  • Spectrums, Disorders and Sensory Processing
  • Temperaments and Personality Styles

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