ACES & Resiliency

What do We need to Know about the ACE Study?


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A Half-Day Workshop for Parents, Caregivers, Teachers, Administrators, Childcare Center Owners and Directors

“This might sound simple, but I cannot overstate this: The single most important thing is recognizing what the problem is in the first place.”

- Nadine Burke Harris

Research tells us that adverse childhood experiences are common, that they frequently occur in combination, that some children thrive despite ACES, but that most medical and educational professionals are not working with the model in their practices. If you don't know what ACES are, or if you have heard of them and want to know more, please do attend this training!

This workshop shares research that originated in the late 1990s and which has been followed-up and further developed in many states and other countries right up to the present day. Participants will gain an understanding of the original CDC-Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences Study; the resulting ACES diagnostic questionnaire; and related work in resiliency now blossoming in collaborations of educators, caregivers, physicians, mental health professionals, social welfare agencies, health advocates, law enforcement, and families around the world.

feedback from attendees

"I appreciated knowing where people are working with ACEs and what they are doing"

As a balance to studying the negative effects of ACES, we will compare the many positive factors that support resiliency and that may be practiced in everyday life, both at school and at home. Despite the sometimes overwhelming picture presented by ACES, there are literally hundreds of small, doable, and simple practices for resiliency that can have major impact.

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