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What is a "Simplicity Parenting" Group?

Why Simplify? Recognizing Soul Fever Scheduling Rhythm Environment Filtering Out Electronic Media

Today's parents and children are more scheduled, more anxious, and more stressed out than ever before. What if being a better parent meant actually doing less? Based on the book by Kim John Payne and Lisa M. Ross, Simplicity Parenting study groups inspire families to make small, do-able changes with big, satisfying results. Groups are formed by request (usually one parent recruits participants and organizes from a neighborhood or school group) and meet for seven (7), two-and-a-half (2.5) hour workshops (meeting weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly). Throughout our seven gatherings, workshop participants will come away with practical, creative, and simple strategies for "using the extraordinary power of 'less' to raise calmer, happier and more secure kids."

“Children need time to become themselves--through play and social interaction. If you overwhelm a child with stuff -- with choices and pseudo-choices -- before they are ready, they will only know one emotional gesture: More!”

- Kim John Payne, Simplicity Parenting

For parents who have children of all ages: seven workshop sessions, attended by adults only.

The fees per family are sliding scale $210 to $320, which includes all seven workshops and a printed study guide.

The book by Kim John Payne, M.Ed. and Lisa M. Ross, may be ordered online. The audio book may be found at Tantor Audio. Please buy the book ahead of time and read or listen to the first chapter before attending the first gathering of your Simplicity Parenting Group.

Parents, please note: you will find that integration is most effective if you schedule a regular follow-through meeting time – ideally the next day after each group gathering – to speak with your co-parent or a close friend and share ideas and thoughts. This will give you the opportunity to discuss one, simple change that you are proposing to make in your family life after each workshop (changes will build cumulatively) and to hear ideas for implementation. This will also help you to obtain a second opinion from someone who knows you well as to whether each change is truly "do-able."

Why Simplify? Reconnecting the dreams you have for your family with your daily life

Soul Fever: Getting to the root of misbehavior and knowing what to do about it

Environment: Transforming your home from busy terminal to peaceful haven

Rhythm: Finding the key to battle-free bedtimes, meaningful mealtimes, and cheerful cooperation

Scheduling: Building balance, dealing with boredom, deepening the experience of play

Filtering Out the Adult World: Strengthening our children by giving space and time for childhood

Simplicity Parenting To Go: Sustaining change, building community for our families

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"Simplicity Parenting offers a compassionate, liberating approach to family life and parenting, one that encourages parents to explore their own values and empower themselves to design their family life so it is in line with those values. Simplicity Parenting Coaches support parents in becoming united over what really matters to them, deepening their understanding and acceptance of their own unique child, and one small change at a time, simplifying their family life so there is more time and space for love, laughter, ease and connection." -Davina Muse

feedback from attendees

"This class validated a lot of things my spouse and I were already doing"

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