Self Care

for Those Who care for Children


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Four hours just for you! In this workshop we will discuss common obstacles to “self-care” and explore simple solutions to protect and renew childcare providers’ and energy, mood, and health. Each participant will self-reflect upon his or her own strengths, resiliency, levels of stress, and other current challenges.

“Here's the thing, will you give yourself permission to actually have self-care? ...I want you to be committed to crafting, designing, and strategically planning how will you be in self-care. Already my down days for the next year are determined, because if I don't schedule them in advance, they won't ever happen.”

- Lisa Nicholas

Each of us can identify and/or renew commitments to activities that are under individual control, and to which we can formalize self-initiated intentions for deliberate practice. The topic of self-care is closely connected with professionalism, including how we present ourselves as care providers, our capacities for forming good habits, positive attitudes, effective problem-solving, and aligning values with practices.

When we understand our own brain states, temperaments, and tendencies, we can overcome challenges and foster resiliency in ourselves and others. Self-care is also connected with effective communication, the promotion of self-regulation, and effective child guidance.

feedback from attendees

"The discussion and flip charts worked best for me"

We will study common areas of overwhelm for childcare providers and parents and we will each design our own personal resiliency techniques, learning from everyone in the room. We will also differentiate between addictive behaviors – numbing or distraction to avoid loneliness, boredom, or pain – versus health-restoring practices that increase connection and integration.

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