Spectrums & Disorders

a Sensory Processing Perspective


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A Half-Day Workshop for Parents, Caregivers, Teachers, Administrators, Owners, and Directors

“It is occupational therapists who first theorized that sensory processing issues are a source of distress for many children, and an explanation for a lot of otherwise puzzling behaviors. And it is often OTs who identify these challenges, typically in preschool children, and who specialize in treating them. Despite an intense campaign—waged in part so that costly private treatments could be covered by insurance—it was not added as a new diagnosis in the latest edition of the diagnostic manual, the DSM-5.”

- Child Mind Institute

You are invited to Simplicity Learning for a heartfelt discussion about our children's and students' quirks, difficulties, and gifts! This workshop is intended for parents, caregivers, teachers, administrators, and others who care for children and families.

Working with current research and resources, this workshop demystifies some of the confusions that currently exist between viewing children’s behaviors through the lens of psychiatric disorders versus the many environmental factors that contribute today to stress and overwhelm.

feedback from attendees

"This training was both intuitive and made sense"

We will particularly focus on simple changes in lifestyle and environment that go beyond labels and medication to support sensory integration and processing. We will look at attachment relationships, stress, emotional control, parenting, sleep, accommodations in the classroom, and many other environmental factors. Participants will gain an understanding of differing viewpoints regarding the current panoply: ADD, ADHD, ASD, ODD, OCD, SPD, and APD. Participants will discover similarities and differences between children who exhibit overly-sensitive and under-sensitive miens, including some of the more common misinterpretations of these behaviors. Tools useful in the classroom and at home will be presented as well.

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