2 Hour Workshops for Parents, Caregivers, Teachers, Administrators, Owners, and Directors

These workshops are offered to help anyone who works with children in supporting their most difficult transitions such as waking and going to sleep, moving from active to calm activities, going inside and outside, and shifting from free play to adult-led activities.

“Discipline isn’t something you do to children, it’s something you develop within them.”

- Becky Bailey, Conscious Discipline

Transitions are difficult for all human beings, but especially so for children with chronic stress and overwhelm, emotional regulation challenges, and other developmental issues. When we look at transitions with an analytical eye, we can often see children’s “acting out” as a cry for help. Small, doable changes in the ways we ourselves guide transitions can have big impacts on every child’s sense of safety and security.

feedback from attendees

"I have a better understanding of why transitions are difficult"

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Transitions 1: Smoothing Hotspots throughout the Day

Workshop participants are asked to bring real life examples of challenging transitions in their daily work with children. We will explore creative and practical ideas for cues beyond verbal commands: lighting, music and movement, verses and rhymes, finger games, props, and settling activities.

Transitions 2: Rhythm and Ritual

Sometimes, when parents and teachers find children struggling with particular activities or transitions into those activities there is something missing. This workshop explores protocols, rhythms, and rituals that can simplify every day activities and participation. Building on content from Transitions 1, participants we will break down activities into steps and then find the missing piece for each puzzle. Sometimes adding a cue that is easier for children to recognize, changing the sequence of activities slightly, or giving more preview or time can ease transitions. When everyone knows “this is the way we clean up our toys,” children can relax into the consistency and predictability of an activity with which they previously struggled.

Transitions 3: Modeling versus Training

Even experienced teachers can sometimes get confused by what is happening in the moment as they adjust plans to accommodate children who are struggling. This workshop explores the differences and similarities between explicit training (and retraining!) of children’s behaviors and skills versus indirect modeling of desired behaviors. Participants will share real-life examples of ways that children in their care struggle with transitions and then all participants will share in determining what most needs to be addressed: planning, preview, modeling and/or instruction. For most examples, participants will walk away with multiple ideas for addressing the most difficult transitions in the daily schedule.

Online registration will not available for this training in Bellevue until the next date has been scheduled. Please contact us at with any questions you have about specific workshops, including requests to host trainings at your center or school.

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